Creating a sense of togetherness and connectivity for the design community

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Sharing is Power

Whilst it may be far from business as usual, it’s so important that we look after not only our friends and loved ones, but our design community and industry as a whole. We're also of the mindset that if we all come together to work, not as individuals, but as communities looking out for each other; helping with whatever skills we can offer - this will see us through.

Creating a sense of togetherness, community and connectivity for designers and craftmakers. ‘The Connected Series' will be hosted weekly by Country & Town House and by Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, in a bid to keep our design community connected.

It'll be an ‘all out-at-sea together’ vibe; a 40 minute discussion between an array of panellists, each imparting their wisdom, followed by questions from the community: you. Debate is encouraged.




Chapter Two: Coming soon.

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The Connected Series has now become a community shaping the future of design as an all-inclusive network to connect the design community through the power of sharing and insights. Today, we have hosted a series of 12 digital events creating a sense of togetherness and bringing together many different parts of the industry. 


We have now come to an end of our lockdown chapter, but do keep your eyes peeled for more to come from The Connected Series with the aim to encourage open conversation and the sharing of ideas to help move the industry forward.

We'll meet again....

Sophie & Carole


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