Creating a sense of togetherness and connectivity for the design community

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Whilst it may be far from business as usual, it’s so important that we look after not only our friends and loved ones, but our design community and industry as a whole. We're also of the mindset that if we all come together to work, not as individuals, but as communities looking out for each other; helping with whatever skills we can offer - this will see us through.

Creating a sense of togetherness, community and connectivity for designers and craftmakers. ‘The Connected Series' will be hosted weekly by Country & Town House and by Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, in a bid to keep our design community connected.

It'll be an ‘all out-at-sea together’ vibe; a 40 minute discussion between an array of panellists, each imparting their wisdom, followed by questions from the community: you. Debate is encouraged.




Episode 8: A Balancing Act: Colour

June 9th, 12:00 noon BST

The Connected Series Forum

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Carole Annett

Host & Moderator
C&TH Interiors Editor

Carole Annett, Interiors Editor at Country & Town House, likes nothing better than snooping around houses and hotels, meeting people who put their heart and soul into design. She also hosts The House Guest podcast, chatting with guests such as Kit Kemp, Pandora Sykes, Nina Campbell and Martin Lawrence Bullard.

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Ep. 8:

A Balancing Act: Colour

9th June
12 noon BST

From peacock blues to tender pinks, colour is the foundation for the visual narrative and brings cohesive direction to every project. To achieve balance, there must be a thoughtful mixology of texture, history, pattern and colour. Colour has an ability to singularly and definitively create an experience, making it one of the most important and valuable tools in design. People respond intuitively to the use of strong colours and appreciate the visceral response walking into a colourful room can produce. 


We are now advancing through an empowering year of change that will focus on bringing our best self into the beyond, and spending more and more time in our own spaces paves the way for wellness and self-nurturance. This idea of creating a cocoon of colour can elicit a multitude of emotions from relaxation to passion. Our panel will journey through a discussion and explore the emotive effects of colour; how we contrast the raw with the refined, blending hues, total immersion in a singular pigment, using colour with both sophistication and spontaneity and incorporating diverse periods of furniture.

Host: Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House

Katharine Pooley, Founder & Creative Director, Katharine Pooley London

Susie Atkinson, Founder & Creative Director, Susie Atkinson Design

Lucy Barlow, Founder & Creative Director, Barlow & Barlow

Patrick O'Donnell, International Brand Ambassador, Farrow & Ball


Ep. 9:

Property & The New World

16th June
12 noon BST

With the dawning realisation that there will be a long-term legacy to the way we live, our lives our panel will be gauging the outlook for the luxury property market. ‘Living’ has changed radically in the last few months and there are likely to be further changes along the way. Will the transformation to embracing the ‘new normal’ be an easy one?


The coronavirus shutdown has forced a reset to consumers’ purchasing behaviour across the globe. At one time, luxury property was defined by added indulgence - think opulent onyx baths and live-in Michelin Starred chefs. But increasingly luxury is now defined by absence. The market for decadent self-indulgence has given way to stress-free, toxin-free minimalism, and virtual reality has revolutionised the selling process for luxury properties, particularly for off-market properties and overseas investors.


From minimal contact and maximum security to technology, innovation and wellbeing, Carole and the panel will explore how the luxury property market has - rapidly - evolved.  

Host: Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House


Stephen O’Kane, Head of Media & Entertainment, Savills

Jane MacDiarmid, Senior Asset Manager, Grosvenor Estates


Ep. 10:

The Future of Hotels: Design Matters

23rd June
12 noon BST

The last few months have irrevocably changed the hospitality industry and the anatomy of a post-lockdown hotel stay, from contactless spa treatments to socially distanced swimming. With much of the world still under lockdown and the future of travel uncertain, we turned to some hotel industry design insiders for their post-pandemic predictions on how the design of luxury hotels will adapt. Many luxury hotel brands are already rolling out new design initiatives to increase cleanliness standards including revised well centres, contactless in room services, guest service apps and new hygiene technology.

Host: Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House


Panellists to be announced


Ep. 11:

Masters of Design: Being the Best of the Best

30th June
12 noon BST

More details coming soon. 

Host: Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House


Panelists to be announced

Ep. 12:

The Power of New Beginnings

7th July
12 noon BST

More details coming soon. 

Host: Sarah Ward, Founder & Creative Director, Interiors by Sarah Ward


Lester Bennett, President, BIID

Sam Fisher, Brand Director, Decorex

Carole Annett, Interiors Editor, Country & Town House



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